Number 37: More music, Love from Stourbridge.

  • In Stourbridge during the late 60’s SLADE were played to all pregnant mothers.*

This resulted that in the late 1980’s three bands emerged from Stourbridge into the national music scene

  • The Wonderstuff
  • Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
  • Pop Will Eat Itself

Last night was a celebration of this.

Myself and Andy Bowe relived our university days by attending the love from Stourbridge gig in Newcastle. We arrived in the chilly venue as the doors opened and started the evening with a Ned’s wonder, a beer to celebrate the tour, nice

The the DJ from PWEI came on and played a mixture of songs at us, some good some not so.

Then came the stuffies for 75 mins of high intensity indie pop. Really enjoyed them. They played all the hits and I even did some jumping. (Does this count as exercise?)

When Ned’s came on I realised how few of their songs I actually know. The ones I knew were really good but I could have done with the bands the other way round but a most enjoyable night.

Admittedly I do ache a little this morning (age related) . Would it stop me doing it again? Oh No!

* Bloke said so must be true

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