Number 37: listen to more music, post bedtime

Last night after one of the boys finally went to sleep I got to go back down stairs while Nicole was left with the other one refusing to go to sleep. On goes the telly. What to watch ? Well nothing from the planner as they are all to be watched together. Carnage that will do . 10 minutes in and I remember why I told Nicole I would not be series linking it (not good). So back to the sky box and on goes BBC 6 music and Marc Riley. He did not play one song I knew but I really enjoyed all the songs he played and I believe even did some toe tapping. After the big try and and get the boy to sleep swap over and after I cane back down when he finally lost the fight against the sandking Nicole was still listening! I call this a win

I promise not to but any old crap on the tv when there is music to be listened to.